Funny Dots - ABC 1.33


Funny ABC flash card for kids

ABC flash card for kids. Fun and colorfull application to keep your children engaged, learn english alphabet and build motor skills. Join the dots in the color of your choice to draw different letters. Draws as you move the finger! This application has collection of pictures with all English letters to draw and additional illustrations with visualization and puzzle to solve. All pictures accompanied with appropriated sounds!

Tags: kids, children, ABC, English, learn, finger paint, draw, connect dots, puzzle, jigsaw, letters, alphabet, motor skills, flashcard

= Notice =
When you press the "Save" button, your drawing is stored on SD-card. In common case your creation will be presented immediately on image gallery under a folder named "FunnyDotsPics".
Some phones doesn’t upgrade immediately the SD-card contents, but if you restart the phone, the image gallery will reload and you will see new added pictures.

Tip: use long press on "color" button to change stroke width

Last Updated:2011-09-18 18:40:16
File size:5.19MB
OS:Android 2.1 and up

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